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From Inspiration To Installation

At Beyond Floors, we help you with your kitchen remodel and bath remodel from the very beginning. We can assist you with developing a budget, developing a design idea and then implementing that idea to give you the kitchen or bath of your dreams. Having a fully functional space with the latest design and appliances add quality of life and value to your home.

Kitchen & Bath Remodels tend to fall into 3 categories with variations:

  • Modern (Sleek, Trendy, Minimal, Cool Lines)
  • Traditional (Heavier Woods, Granite, Warm Tones)
  • Transitional (A Mix of Both Styles Blended Together)
  • No matter what style you select, the vision and experience of our design team ensure that you’re confident in the choices you’re making for your home.


    Functional Design

    The kitchen and bathroom are the most used rooms in your home and can often show signs of age after just a few years. Consider you begin and end each day in your bathroom using the shower, tub, sinks & counters. Kitchens are often the gathering place for a family and have to withstand the wear & tear of daily use.

    At Beyond Floors, we understand that you want your kitchen and bathroom to be functional spaces while reflecting both style and comfort. Our team knows how to showcase the style of your home while incorporating necessary storage, task, and fixture optimizations to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle.


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    Flooring is just one facet in renovating your space. Our countertop and cabinetry services integrate to complete your remodeling project.


    Learn more about our cabinetry options and the brands we use.


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