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"I heard from friends that Beyond Floors.net does great work. Selecting flooring for your home is a big decision because it can often set the tone for the room. Laura took the time to listen to our ideas and then worked with us to offer suggestions and textures we loved! She offered to let me take home a sample as the colors can vary in your own lighting. I was so pleased with the look it took me days to move the furniture back in the room because it was so beautiful! I have not had any problems with the flooring I selected, but Laura made sure that we understood she fully backs her products and installation which ensured us that we made the right choice. Beyond Floors.net will have our business again." 
- Billy & Selena Denbow, League City, TX

"I am sooooo thrilled! My new counter tops are gorgeous! I had a little fear that the color of the granite, the existing tile floors, the natural wood of the cabinetry, and the stainless steel and black appliances would not blend well, but they do. Perfectly!
We want to thank you, and everyone at Beyond Floors.net, for all the patience, advise, information, and hand-holding you have done while we went through the process of learning about granite installations, guarantees, and pricing. Throughout the process you have instilled confidence where we were indecisive, and given us the knowledge that we were not alone, but we were guided by someone who knew the pitfalls and was protecting us from them. At the same time, you were non-intrusive, but very responsive to all our questions and ideas. You were very clear about quality, costs, and pricing. You knew that we were talking to and getting bids from other granite installers, and encouraged us to do so. Direct Buy definitely chose well, when they chose Beyond Floors.net as a partner in the service of their members. Our only regret is that we did not have the opportunity to meet you in person.

We would be remiss if we did not comment on the artistry of Anastacio, the installer. It was a true pleasure watching this man, create beauty with his skill, his knowledge of the media, and his absolute insistence on excellence. Anastacio worked extremely hard for hours, lifting heavy granite pieces, cutting, grinding, smoothing , and polishing, while remaining focused that each piece needed to fit together perfectly. After careful examination of his handicraft, we do not find one flaw in his work. Anastacio and the two workers who aided him and followed his directions, were polite, helpful, and informative. We enjoyed having this crew in our home.

We know that we made a wise decision in choosing Beyond Floors.net for our counter tops. As we embark on other home improvement projects in the future, we will call on Beyond Floors.net again. Anastacio took the measurements of our living room before he left last night, so that you can have them on file. We do one project a year, so next year around this time, if a good deal comes along in wood flooring, sent us an email.

Thank you again, for everything!" 
- Eric & Carmen McCann